Kaargo Fees

Kaargo charges two types of fees.

We charge a nominal listing fee when you Post a Trip or a Shipment. This is a flat fee that is charged if the listing is purchased. This fee is
non-refundable and charged along with the final transaction fee to your preferred method of payment.

Currently Kaargo listing fees are $1.50 per listing. This fee is charged to both Shippers and Drivers that list on the Kaargo platform and is per listing including Trips that are re-listed unless otherwise specified. This fee is charged immediately and is non-refundable whether the Trip sells or not.

We also charge a percentage of the total Trip fee (base Trip cost plus any additional services) paid by the Shipper to the Driver once a Trip is purchased. This is called the Kaargo transaction fee. This is charged to Drivers at the time of purchase. This fee is calculated on the Total Trip cost which includes optional services such as Drop-off, Pick-up and Insurance.

Currently, Kaargo charges 20% of the Total Trip cost as the transaction fee.

Kaargo also charges cancellation fees for Trips that are canceled after they have been purchased payable by the canceling party. Currently, the cancellation fee is $5.

Our fees cover administrative, processing and pass-through costs and are currently built into our fees.

Kaargo fees are charged separately and will always be visible in your dashboard.

These fees may be adjusted or changed from time to time and will be updated here.

Example 1: Driver posts a Trip with the base price of $25.00 and optional services (Drop-off $5.00, Pick-up $5.00) offered. Shipper purchases the Trip. Kaargo fees are indicated in parentheses below.

Driver fees:

Listing: $1.50 (Kaargo)

Total transaction fee: $6.00 ($30 x 20%) (Kaargo)

Shipper fees:

Base Trip price: $25.00

Drop-off price: $5.00

Example 2: Shipper Posts a Shipment. Driver responds with price ($40) and optional services ($5 per day for Storage, $10 Pick-up) offered. Shipper chooses services and buys the Trip. Kaargo fees are indicated below.

Shipper fees:

Listing: $1.50 (Kaargo)

Base Trip price: $40

Storage: $5

Pick-up: $10

Driver fees:

Total transaction fee: $11.00 ($55 X 20%) (Kaargo)