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The Kaargo Platform


What is Kaargo?

Kaargo is a completely new way to ship your things.

The Kaargo platform matches Drivers already taking a trip in their vehicle with Shippers looking to ship something to the same destination at the same time.

If you’re a Driver taking a trip, you may have space in your car - put it to use! Carry something for someone that needs to ship something to your destination. You are providing a needed service, peace of mind with your personal delivery and can earn money or pay for your trip while doing what you are already doing!

If you’re a Shipper, you want your things to reach their destination safely, reliably and quickly. Why not ship your things with someone who is already going to your destination? You’ll get personal attention and peace of mind, be able to ship oddly weighted, sized or fragile items, be providing income to someone, and using an already existing resource vs. a scheduling a discrete, expensive trip via a large and impersonal carrier.

By using the Kaargo platform, both Drivers and Shippers contribute to a better environment and society with less waste (less pollution, reducing carbon emissions and footprint, eliminating a discrete trip), may find a cheaper and faster transportation alternative, receive personalized service and are leveraging an existing resource eliminating the need for a discrete, additional trip.

Ship better, trip better!

How does Kaargo work?

Drivers and Shippers sign up on the Kaargo platform. Once signed up, Drivers can then Post their Trips, Shippers can Post a Shipment (if they don’t see an appropriate Trip for their Shipment) and all Kaargo users can browse Available Trips or Posted Shipments.

A Driver’s posted trip, called a Posted Trip, may be browsed and purchased by visiting the Available Trips list. The Driver may be contacted by a Shipper for more information about a Posted Trip.

A Shipper’s desired trip, called a Posted Shipment, may be browsed and replied to by a Driver by visiting the Posted Shipments list. The Kaargo platform will guide Drivers through the proposal process. A Driver may also contact the Shipper to discuss details and adjustments prior to sending a proposal to the Shipper. The Shipper can then accept or reject the Driver’s proposal. Please note that if a Shipper rejects a proposal it is generally because the Driver has made changes to the original trip parameters without communicating with the Shipper first. If you are a Driver and need to make significant changes to a proposal, please contact your Shipper to ensure that your proposal is acceptable.

In all cases, once a Trip is purchased, the Shipper is charged immediately and the payment held by Kaargo until the shipment is completed.

In all cases, after Trip is purchased, Drivers and Shippers meet to load items per Trip details. It is the Driver’s responsibility to verify the items shipped are the same items described by the Shipper on the Kaargo Platform and do not contain any prohibited items. See Kaargo’s Terms of Service (TOS) for a partial list. It is also the Shipper’s responsibility to ensure that they are not shipping any prohibited or dangerous items as outlined in Kaargo’s TOS. Please use common sense when accepting or making a shipment.

Once the shipment is delivered to its destination, the Driver notifies Kaargo and the Shipper on the Kaargo platform. Kaargo requests the Shipper to authorize release of payment within 24 hours. At this stage feedback and reviews of the transaction and parties are required. If the Shipper does not authorize release of payment within 24 hours or does not inform Kaargo of a problem with the shipment, the payment is automatically released to the Driver and the Trip is considered completed.

We strongly encourage Drivers and Shippers to keep copies of all communication regarding trips on the Kaargo platform to ensure a better experience within a safe and trusted community.


What is a Shipper?

A Shipper is a Kaargo user who is making a shipment using a Posted Trip or Posted Shipment via the Kaargo platform.

What is a Driver?

A Driver is a Kaargo user who carries a shipment originating from a Posted Trip or Posted Shipment on the Kaargo platform.


How does the Search function work?

If you are a Shipper looking for a Trip for your Shipment, you may enter your Origin (start) and Destination (end) cities in the main search box on the Kaargo home page. If there are no Available Trips between your cities currently you can Post a Shipment so that Drivers may find you. You may also use the wildcard function and enter "ANY" in one of the search boxes. This will display all Available Trips either starting or ending with your other city.


If you are a Driver looking for a Shipment or Shipments to carry on your Trip, click on the Browse Shipments button to toggle the search box function to look for Shipments. Enter the Origin (start) and Destination (end) cities in the main search box to find Shipments that fit your Trip. If there are no current Shipments between the cities you are driving, you may Post a Trip for Shippers to find you. You may also use the wildcard function and enter "ANY" in one of the search boxes. This will display all Available Shipments either starting or ending with your other city.


In all cases, we suggest both searching often as inventory constantly updates, as well as searching routes that may be longer or shorter than your route as Kaargo community members may be willing to accommodate your needs.


What does it mean to “Post a Trip”?

Drivers post Trips they are taking or intend to take for Shippers to browse and purchase. Drivers will include all the details of the Trip including time, date, origin and destination, load and unload locations (if different from origin and destination locations) and size of vehicle as guided by the Kaargo platform. Posted Trips appear in an Available Trips list as well as in the Driver’s dashboard under Posted Trips and Shipments until the user specified listing end date.

Posted Trips appear in an Available Trips list as well as in the Driver’s dashboard under Posted ​​ Trips​ and Shipments​ until the user specified listing end date.

What does it mean to ”Post a Shipment”?

Shippers can post a shipment if they do not see a Trip that fits their shipping needs. These Shipments appear in a Posted Shipments list that can be browsed by and replied to by Drivers who can take the Trip.

Shippers provide details of their Posted Shipment using the guided Kaargo platform including details of their shipment, origin and destination, suggested load and unload details etc. Shippers cannot set the price but can fill in details related to their shipment as above.

Once a Shipper posts a shipment it appears in the Posted Shipments list for Drivers to browse as well as in the Shipper’s dashboard under Posted Trips and Shipments.

If traveling to the same destination and able to take the shipment, Drivers can reply to the Posted Shipments via a Driver proposal provided by the guided Kaargo platform with the prices they charge, vehicle type, available space, optional services and any changes in load and unload locations.

Drivers and Shippers can communicate prior to the Driver replying to a proposal to discuss any changes to the Shipper’s Posted Shipment to ensure a smooth transaction. We encourage Kaargo users to keep all communications on the Kaargo platform to ensure the best possible experience.

There are some details that only Drivers may fill in including prices. There are some details that only the Shipper may fill in. It is up to the Shipper to decide whether he/she accepts or declines the proposal. By the time a Shipper receives a proposal from the Driver the parties should have communicated regarding any major changes or adjustments to the Shipper’s proposal. The Posted Shipment remains active till purchase or expiration.

Posted Shipments expire if not purchased and will need to be re-listed if the Shipper wishes to keep the listing active.

Is there a time limit to a listing?

No. Drivers and Shippers may list items for any period of time prior to the trip.

Why are there only two choices for duration of listings?

Some users may wish to end their listing a day before the trip begins while others may wish to keep the listing live until departure. To simplify the process and create the most value for all parties, i.e. keeping a trip listed as long as the user is comfortable, we currently offer these two listing options.

What is an “Available Trip”?

Available Trips are trips that are posted by Drivers.


What is a ”Posted Shipment”?

Posted Shipments are Trips that are suggested by Shippers if they don’t find a Trip for their Shipment in the Available Trips list.


What is a “Shipment”?

A shipment consists of any item or items that a Shipper intends to transport using a Driver and Trip found on the Kaargo platform.

Why can’t I see details of Available Trips or Posted Shipments?

You must be a member of the Kaargo community in order to see details of Trips. It’s easy - just sign up on our home page or here

Can I access the Kaargo platform using my mobile device (tablet, phone)?

Yes, you can access Kaargo from your mobile device.

Is Kaargo International?

No, Kaargo operates only in the United States currently.


Sign Up, Personal Information, TOS, Declarations


Why do I need to Sign Up before using the Kaargo Platform?

Kaargo is a community of trusted Drivers and Shippers. While the current platform is available for use on an “as is” basis, at the user’s sole discretion and risk with no guarantees of reliability or service from Kaargo (please see our TOS and Shipper/Driver Declarations), our aim is to create a trusted and superlative experience based on community. Our success depends on each member of the Kaargo community.

As we grow, we may add further features and safeguards to make the Kaargo platform even stronger. In order to currently operate the Kaargo platform, however, we require all Kaargo users at sign up to provide basic but personal information that allows us to welcome you into the Kaargo community on day one.

This information includes payment and personal information and users reading through and agreeing to our TOS (once at sign up) as well as reading through and agreeing to user Declarations (each time a shipment or trip is undertaken) to remain consistent with our intention of building an amazing community and user experience on an “as is” basis.

Requiring this information and agreement to our terms helps present the user to the Kaargo community quickly as a trusted member.

Kaargo reserves the right to run MVR checks on any individual or to implement site-wide MVR checks as part of the Kaargo platform at any time.


Why does Kaargo need my credit card, driver’s license and other information?

Kaargo needs to ask for certain information and data about each of our users in order to ensure the best possible experience for all users. We also require payment for Trip and Kaargo fees immediately at purchase and require a credit or debit card on file to do this. All of your information is kept private and subject to industry standard security and precautions.

Why does Kaargo have a minimum age to use the platform?

Kaargo requires that all our users are at least 18 years old to use and transact on the platform as a safety precaution.


What is the TOS? Why do I have to agree to it before sign up?

Kaargo is building a trusted marketplace community and platform that connects Shippers and Drivers. 

The Kaargo community is built to work only if all users abide by the rules, respect the Platform and respect one another. This includes refraining from shipping any banned items, respecting all users in behavior and action, following through on commitments, communicating promptly and clearly, releasing payment promptly (within 24 hours of delivery confirmation) and providing feedback immediately after a transaction.

While our intent is to create as valuable and secure a user experience as we can by instituting measures such as the review mechanism, requiring payment and personal information, requiring Shipper and Driver declarations, setting a minimum age to use the platform, barring users who disregard our terms, requiring a clean driving record and other safeguards, what happens between parties off the platform and the actual transaction experience, as well as certain situations, will be out of control of Kaargo.

While the Kaargo platform is a mechanism to connect parties wishing to transact with each other, despite best intentions and instituting industry standard practices and safeguards, Kaargo is unable to fully vouch for, verify or confirm any user and is unable to take responsibility for a user’s behavior, any loss or damage stemming from use of the platform or a trip taken on the platform, or any unexpected or negative outcome of a trip or from using the platform. Use of the Kaargo platform is at the individual’s risk. The Terms of Service communicates this risk as well as a user’s rights and responsibilities in detail.

We require all users of the Kaargo platform to read and agree to the TOS at sign up before they use the Kaargo platform. This is required only once, at sign up. However you can always read our TOS through the link at the bottom of our home page or by clicking anywhere you see Terms of Service or TOS.


What are the Shipper and Driver declarations? Why do I have to agree each time I Post or purchase?

The Shipper Declaration and Driver Declaration are agreed to every time a Shipper or Driver enters into transactions on the Kaargo platform.

It reminds each party of the specific responsibilities associated with their role as either a Driver or a Shipper including what items can and cannot be shipped, that use of the Kaargo platform is at the individual’s sole discretion and risk and that Kaargo is not liable for any mishaps, injuries, damages, accidents, disputes, or other actions that occurs between parties.

We understand that it can be hard to remember Trip rules each and every time you purchase or make a Trip so in order to make the process as smooth as possible for all Kaargo users we provide you with the declarations right before you undertake a transaction on the Kaargo platform.


Where can I find the Shipper and Driver Declarations?

The Shipper and Driver Declarations appear when you are about to purchase or Post a Trip. Depending on your role in the transaction you will need to agree to a specific Declaration.

What are reviews and ratings?

Every completed transaction on Kaargo requires a rating and a review from each user in the transaction. Whether you are a Driver or a Shipper, each user leaves feedback in the form of a written review and a rating for the other party regarding the transaction.

The ratings and reviews appear in your Dashboard and Profile as well as for any Trip or Shipment you Post.

Please do not leave any personally disparaging, harmful, threatening or otherwise inappropriate feedback. Please do not leave any personal or sensitive information regarding other Kaargo users.

If you feel there has been any violation of Kaargo’s Terms of Service by your transacting party please notify Kaargo immediately at noship@kaargo.com.

How am I rated?

Each transaction receives a review and a rating. Each user involved in the transaction leaves a review and rating for their transacting party.

The mean, or average, of all a user’s ratings then appear as the aggregate rating for the user.

Why is the review and rating process mandatory?

Kaargo can’t work without you.

The Kaargo community works because each Kaargo user actively participates in the transaction loop that ends with feedback and ratings.

Because we understand that you are busy and may forget to leave feedback at a later date we’ve built the rating and reviews into the transaction process to make it an easier, more hassle-free experience for all of our users. We rely on your prompt, honest, thoughtful and realistic feedback to make the Kaargo platform most effective.

Please do not leave any personally disparaging, harmful, threatening or otherwise inappropriate feedback. Please do not leave any personal or sensitive information regarding other Kaargo users.

If you feel there has been any violation of Kaargo’s Terms of Service by your transacting party please notify Kaargo immediately at noship@kaargo.com.

What happens if a user violates Kaargo’s Terms of Service or Declarations, behaves inappropriately or abusively, does not honor transaction commitments without valid reason, or uses the platform in any way other than as set out in the Terms of Service?

If Kaargo is aware of any abuse of the service, whether breaking our TOS and Declarations, inappropriate behavior or language, or misconduct of any kind while using the platform, Kaargo will immediately suspend and/or bar the offending user from further use of the platform. Kaargo’s decisions are at the sole discretion of Kaargo.


Prices, Fees, Payment, Services


What is a base Trip price?

The base Trip price is the price that the Driver sets for the Trip that the Driver is posting on the platform. This Trip price does not include any optional services that the Driver may provide such as pick-up or storage.

The base Trip price, along with any optional services chosen, is charged to the Shipper’s preferred method of payment at the time of purchase.

Who gets charged for what?

Kaargo charges both Drivers and Shippers flat listing fees for Posted Trips and Shipments they list on the Kaargo platform. Kaargo listing fees are non-refundable.

Kaargo charges Shippers on behalf of Drivers for Trips they buy (i.e. Shipping) from Drivers including optional services. Please note that if the Shipper purchases an optional service such as insurance, this amount is included in the final transaction amount paid to Kaargo on behalf of the Driver and this same amount is deducted before paying the Driver. The balance of the payment is held by Kaargo to be released on Trip completion.

Drivers are charged a percentage of the final transaction fee by Kaargo which includes the Base Trip Price and all optional services.

Upon purchase of a Trip including optional services and insurance, the Kaargo user’s credit card is charged immediately for the Trip, optional services and Kaargo’s transaction fees.


Am I charged per item shipped?

No, the Driver sets a base price for a Trip.

Who sets the prices?

In all cases, Posted Trips and Shipments, Drivers set the prices. Drivers may also offer optional services which a Shipper may purchase.

Is there a formula to Trip pricing?

No. Prices are set at the sole discretion of the Driver.

What are Kaargo fees?

Kaargo charges two types of fees.

We charge a nominal Listing Fee when you Post a Trip or Shipment. This is a flat fee that is charged if your listing is purchased. This fee is
non-refundable and charged along with the final transaction fee to your preferred method of payment.

We also charge a percentage of the total Trip fee paid by the Shipper to the Driver once a Trip is purchased. This is called the Transaction Fee. This is charged to Drivers at the time of purchase.

Kaargo Fees are charged separately and will always be visible in your dashboard.

What are optional services?

Optional services are services provided by the Driver for extra charge. The Driver sets the prices for these services. These include pick-up, drop-off, and storage services. Please note that storage services are provided at the sole risk of the Shipper; Kaargo cannot guarantee the safety of your items in transit or storage.

Can I re-list my Trip or Shipment? What does it cost?

You can re-list your Trip or Shipment free of charge if it has been canceled by your transacting party or you wish to find more Shippers and/or fill up your vehicle and there is time left on your listing. You will not be charged a listing fee for re-listing the same Trip. The final Transaction fees will apply to all subsequent re-listings.

How do I pay Kaargo Fees?

Your preferred method of payment, shown on your Dashboard, will be charged per Kaargo’s policies for both Trip and Kaargo Fees. You may always update your payment preferences using the Dashboard.

How do I get paid?

Your preferred method of receiving earnings from the Kaargo platform will be credited to your account.

How soon do I get paid?

Once the Shipper releases payment we credit your account for Trip within five (5) to ten (10) business days of completing the transaction. If Kaargo is refunding your account we require five (5) to ten (10) business days to deposit the funds back to your preferred method of payment.

Do you charge taxes?

All users are responsible for paying their own taxes in accordance with applicable local, State and Federal laws.

Are Kaargo Fees charged on optional services?

Yes. Kaargo charges the Transaction Fee on the total value of the Trip purchased which includes the Base Trip Price and any optional services.


What is pick-up service?

Pick-up service is an optional service offered by Drivers at additional charge to pick-up a Shipper’s items in a location physically close to the Driver’s original specified origin or load location. Transacting parties determine what is close by.

What is drop-off service?

Drop-off service is an optional service offered by Drivers at additional charge to drop-off a Shipper’s items in a location physically close to the Driver’s original specified destination or unload location. Transacting parties determine what is close by.

What is storage?

Storage is an optional service offered by Drivers to store a Shipper’s items for up to three (3) days for an additional charge. Storage charges are per day. Kaargo does not guarantee the safety of the storage option which is taken at the Shipper’s own risk. Please use common sense after communicating with your Driver about your requirements if you are considering this option. If you feel uncomfortable, please do not opt for this service.


What is insurance and how does it work?

Kaargo is working with insurance carriers to eventually offer insurance on items being shipped. We will inform the Kaargo community when we are able to offer this service to Shippers.

Where can I find Kaargo’s fees?

For a current listing of our fees and charges please click here.




What is a Load location?

A Load location is where the shipments are actually handed off and loaded into the vehicle.


What is an Unload location?

An Unload location is where the shipments are actually delivered and unloaded from the vehicle.

What is a Completed Trip?

A Trip is Completed Trip when the shipment has been successfully delivered, the Driver notifies Kaargo of delivery, and the Shipper acknowledges delivery by releasing payment.


What is KaargoLocal? Why is it not active?

Kaargolocal is a service that will be launching soon. We can’t wait to tell you about it!

What is the Trip ID?

The Trip ID is the unique identification number assigned to every transaction in the Kaargo system. Users can find all the information related to a specific trip or shipment by clicking on the Trip ID anywhere it is active in the Kaargo system, or by simply going to the Dashboard and locating the Trip ID associated with that Trip and Shipment.

A Trip ID is assigned to a Posted Trip or Shipment and remains the unique identification number for the Trip throughout its life cycle.

Please indicate your Trip ID when communicating with Kaargo about a specific Trip or Shipment.

Can a Driver take multiple shipments on a Trip?

Yes.  You may relist your Trip if you have more room in your vehicle and wish to fill that space. Each re-posting is treated in our system as an individual Trip with its own Trip ID, price and optional services.

Can a Shipper ship multiple items with one driver?

Absolutely. If your Driver has room and is willing to carry more than one item you can ship multiple items on the same trip.

Can I cancel a Trip or Shipment I’ve Posted or purchased?

You may cancel an un-purchased Trip or Shipment at any time up till the end of the listing at no charge. Your listing fee will not be refunded.

For Drivers, If your posted Trip has been purchased, you may cancel your Trip within two hours of its purchase without penalty, for any reason. If you cancel a Trip after this two hour window or after your Driver's proposal has been accepted, you will be charged a non-refundable cancelation fee and must provide the reason for the cancelation.

For Shippers, if you cancel any Trip you have purchased OR you cancel an accepted Driver's proposal you will be charged a non-refundable cancelation fee and must provide the reason for the cancelation. Any remaining balances will be refunded to the original method of payment.

In all cases, please communicate the cancelation with your transacting party immediately. Please also note that cancelations can eventually affect your ratings, rank in search results and impact your transacting partner negatively.

In all cases, the Listing Fees are non-refundable.

Can I edit a Trip or Shipment I’ve Posted?

Yes, you may always edit Posted Trips or Shipments until they expire.


Why should I only pay and communicate using the Kaargo platform?

To ensure the smoothest experience possible and to safeguard against any prohibited behavior we strongly suggest all users communicate regarding transactions using only the Kaargo platform. This allows the platform to also have a record of the transaction cycle.

While Kaargo does not get involved in user disagreements or disputes, to administer refunds or assess whether a user has acted in violation of our Terms, we will need to review the transaction on the Kaargo platform. Therefore, it is important to keep all transaction related communication on the platform. 

Kaargo will send users email notification regarding transactions to both their Kaargo inbox and personal email accounts. At times the emails sent to your personal accounts will contain actionable links that will direct you back to the platform for further required action.

What if a shipment contains prohibited items?

You are responsible for keeping Kaargo a safe and trusted platform.

Always check the shipment you are loading to make sure the items being shipped are the same items that are described online for shipment and that the shipment does not contain any prohibited, dangerous or illegal items (such as animals, firearms or drugs; a full list is available in our TOS).

Use common sense; there may be items that we have not listed in our TOS that you may recognize as prohibited, dangerous or illegal upon Load. Do not accept the shipment in these instances.

If your shipment contains such items, please refuse the shipment and notify Kaargo immediately at noship@kaargo.com.

What if the Driver indicates Shipment is completed and it has not been?

First, contact the Driver using the Kaargo platform to ascertain what the issue is. If this does not work, it is the Shipper’s responsibility to notify Kaargo before payment is automatically released at help@kaargo.com. While Kaargo cannot get involved in any dispute between parties, we reserve the right to investigate the circumstances of any such dispute and proceed accordingly. As outlined in our TOS, Kaargo cannot be responsible for any damages suffered in connection with the use of the Kaargo platform. 


What if my Shipper does not show up at our pre-agreed Load location?

First, please make every effort to contact your Shipper using the Kaargo platform. If the time of your departure arrives and your Shipper has not appeared without communication or canceling the Trip please let your Shipper know that you are leaving and let Kaargo know immediately at help@kaargo.com. Please make sure all communication happens using the Kaargo platform.

Sometimes things happen that are out of control of all parties. Your Shipper should let you know in these cases; it is their responsibility. In such cases, while it is too late to re-list a Driver’s Trip, if the error was avoidable and determined to be at the Shipper’s fault, we will re-list the Driver’s next Trip free of charge.

What if there is a dispute between the Shipper and Driver?

Kaargo is unable to get involved in disputes between Shippers and Drivers. If either party feels uncomfortable at any point in the transaction, Kaargo advises the party to abort the transaction. Please notify Kaargo if the situation involves any shipping of prohibited items at noship@kaargo.com.





What is the Dashboard?

The Dashboard is command central for all Kaargo users. The Dashboard summarizes your Posted Trips and Shipments, Upcoming Trips, Completed Trips and Canceled Trips. Your personal and vehicle information is stored here and can be updated here as well.

All fees paid to Drivers and to Kaargo are visible on the Dashboard within your Transaction Grid.

Your feedback, ratings and reviews are also stored here.

Your communication center button is visible here too; when lit up, you have messages in your inbox.

What are Upcoming Trips in the Dashboard?

Upcoming Trips are the shipments that you have scheduled or the Trips that have been purchased that you will be undertaking.

Once these Trips have been completed (or canceled) they drop to your Transaction Grid.

What are Posted Trips and Shipments in the Dashboard?

The Trips that appear here are Trips that are active in the Available Trips or Posted Shipments lists. Until they are purchased, expire or are canceled they will remain here.

What is the Transaction Grid in the Dashboard?

The Transaction Grid is where all your Completed, Canceled and Expired trips appear along with fees paid to Kaargo and other users.


What and where is the Communication Center?

The communication center is where all your Kaargo messages from Kaargo and other users appear. It is your Kaargo inbox. While you will generally also receive copies of Kaargo communications in the personal email you provided Kaargo with at sign up, we strongly recommend that you keep all Kaargo related communication on the channels offered on the platform.


My Profile


What is my profile?

Your profile page is visible to all members of the Kaargo community.

On your profile page, members of the Kaargo community can see your name and picture, your aggregate rating, feedback and the vehicles you drive. While some information is always displayed on your profile, you may edit other information. You may also provide any additional information that you would like the community to know. Your profile is only visible to members of the Kaargo community.

Why can I have only three (3) vehicles?

If you have more than three (3) vehicles that you use to take trips, you may substitute one of your vehicles in the system for another at any time.

Why do people need to know what vehicle I am driving?

Kaargo wants to ensure to the fullest extent possible that trips and shipments go as smoothly and hassle free as possible. Knowing the type of vehicle being used allows Shippers to better estimate the space available for items being shipped.

In addition to choosing the vehicle they are driving on the system, Drivers may also post photographs of their vehicle so that the community can get a better idea of how much space is available.

Can I request a Driver to use a certain vehicle?

Yes, you can request a Driver to use a certain vehicle but it is up to the Driver’s sole discretion what he/she drives for their trip.



Don’t see your question here? Send us an email at help@kaargo.com.

We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible!