Arizona State University’s (ASU) Startup Summit     Sep 25, 2015


On September 11, Kaargo CEO Sarayu Srinivasan was the keynote speaker at Arizona State University’s (ASU) Startup Summit. The Startup Summit brings together ASU’s most passionate entrepreneurs, social innovators and change makers at a university wide conference.

The keynote began with Sarayu’s path from venture capitalist to entrepreneur and the conception and founding of Kaargo to a packed audience of over 350 students from across the university. Sarayu also discussed her education and career prior to her role in venture capital and high tech sharing candid advice for those wanting to pursue entrepreneurial (and traditional) careers. Some insights included “that there are no rules” particularly when it comes to building a startup, that she hires first for “character and integrity” before specific skills, and to be prepared that “one’s life and career will most certainly not go according to plan.” Sarayu then participated in a student led fireside chat followed by an extended Q&A session. Judging by the very long lines post-event to speak to Sarayu there seemed to be quite a few entrepreneurs in the audience and the event could have easily gone on into the evening.

Kaargo, in partnership with ASU and the Startup Summit, also participated in a career fair simultaneously which students could visit between sessions.

Kaargo Community Head, Jon Famery, skyped in from the East Coast to share his Kaargo journey, speak to students and answer questions about Kaargo. The students were delighted to speak with Jon one on one.

In addition to her keynote, Sarayu had the opportunity to tour the beautiful ASU campus with the energetic, knowledgeable Spenser, a Barrett Honors College student.


Sarayu also met with the faculty and administration including President Michael Crow, voted one of the ten best college presidents by Time Magazine.

She also visited ASUs innovative Changemaker Central hub guided by David Anaya (who has been the glue that holds the Kaargo, ASU and Changemaker partnership together) housing the program that empowers students to apply their education and passion for positive social progress and civic engagement while cultivating a culture that tackles local and global challenges through collaboration, innovation and diverse approaches to problem-solving.

Sarayu also got to experience firsthand one of ASU’s many visible commitments to a cleaner environment by riding campus clean fuel golf carts and noted one of ASUs more favored modes of transport. Her campus visit also included stops at the prestigious Barrett Honors College and Skysong, the ASU/Scottsdale Innovation Center.

The Startup Summit includes modules led by successful entrepreneurs and leaders, sessions on ideation and raising capital and workshops on team building and execution. The Startup Summit features an accomplished pool of mentors to help students at every stage of their process.

Arizona State University is the nation’s largest public university boasting over 80000 students across five campuses. ASU tops the list of “most innovative schools” in the newly released U.S. News & World Report college rankings for 2016.