New Features: Radius & My Favorite Routes Debut! Earn More. Get Instant Trip or Shipment Alerts.     Sep 14, 2015


We’re proud to announce our two latest features, Radius and My Favorite Routes.

Radius allows Drivers to find Shipments within a specified radius of their origin or destination cities. With the Radius feature, Drivers can see all the Shipments that need delivery within a defined area to allow them to carry and deliver multiple shipments.

To use Radius, simply Browse Shipments between your stated cities as normal. Once the Shipments listing page is displayed you will see the Radius feature on the bottom of the Refine Your Search panel on the right. The easy-to-use Origin and Destination sliders can be moved back and forth to display the distance in miles away from your stated locations showing the corresponding Shipments within that specified mile radius. You can use radius with either Origin or Destination cities, or for both simultaneously.
With Radius you can now fill up your car with items, ship more easily and earn faster.

My Favorites is an instant alert feature. If you have favorite routes that you drive or ship on or routes that you want to keep informed about, enter them into the My Favorites Routes feature on your Profile page. Each time a Kaargo member posts a Trip or Shipment matching your favorite route, you will be alerted.

The My Favorites feature can be either displayed for or hidden from other Kaargo members on your profile.

Try them both and let us know what you think!