A Nation of Drivers: Make holiday weekends work for you-celebrate with Kaargo.     Aug 31, 2015


During Labor Day weekend alone it is estimated by AAA that over 41 million people will be traveling in a motor vehicle (a car, truck or SUV), with the average traveler journeying almost 600 miles round trip. We are a nation of drivers.

Many of us take road trips as a chance to escape from reality without having to get on a plane or cross an ocean. Whether it’s New York, Dallas, Boston or Los Angeles, somebody’s probably already going there. We drive with friends, family and sometimes it’s by ourselves, enjoying the freedom of the road.

The family road trip, however, is often a short communal vacation: the relaxation of driving on the open road, the bonding time with family members, the chance to see our beautiful country up close and on our own terms, and the memories that will last a lifetime are all important characteristics. But there are a few drawbacks of our road trips, chief among which are the costs.

Summer road trip travelers are expected to spend an average of about $800 total on long weekend trips. This includes spend on gas, tolls, and other expenses that come along with a traditional long weekend family trips. Unfortunately, this cost may cause some of us to think twice about the road trips that feed our souls and bond us together.

That’s where Kaargo comes in. If you’re a Driver, posting a trip on the Kaargo community platform will allow Shippers who need to send something in the same direction or to the same destination to avail your Trip to do so. You set the price for your space and now you can earn money by doing what you are already doing- driving- and dropping off items to locations where they were already headed! In some instances, helping someone out by undertaking this small task (or tasks-because you can carry multiple shipments on your Trip) may mean you’ve covered expenses for your entire family vacation.

You can also search for Shipments to see where things need to go. You may also use our features to see if there are additional Shipments (or Trips if you are a Shipper) fitting your plans.

Drivers have the opportunity to set the prices for their extra car capacity. In addition, as a Driver, you may wish to offer additional services such as pick-up for an additional fee. What you undertake and what you charge for is totally up to you, the Driver. You may decide to offer pick-up and not charge at all. So why not make this great American tradition- your last summer road trip or even road trips in the coming long weekends-work for you? Sign up on Kaargo and post your end of summer and weekend trips!