Hello Students! Road trips, Vacations, and College! Oh My! Back-to-school Kaargo style     Aug 19, 2015


It’s mid-August; summer is almost over, school is around the corner and it is one of the most hectic months of the year..

Many of us are still in “vacation mode” but we’re all worrying about going back to the dorm, or trying to find a new place before the semester starts. (And dealing with new roommates, new situations, new jobs, new lives…stress!!!)

Whether we are filling our cars with vacation items, suitcases, or college essentials (crates of clothes, stockpiling boxes of snacks and drinks, books, or that annoying but completely necessary mattress pad), many times, shockingly, we still miraculously have some extra space in the car after it’s all packed up. Other times we have too much, but still have stuff to get to school.
If you have space, why not make some extra cash and help someone deliver their items to the same place you’re already going? You make money for doing what you already do and you’re helping someone out. If you have too much, how about letting someone whose driving in the same direction carry your things-pay a fellow student to take care of getting your stuff to school, no hassle!

You can help out members of your college or university community just by filling up the extra space in your car, truck or van to carry your Shipper’s dorm supplies, furniture, electronics or sports equipment. You are doubling as a convenient shipping method for another college student while making money that covers your gas, trip, food, semester expense, whatever you want and for doing what you were going to do anyway – without any inconvenience!

Let’s face it, your U-Haul is expensive so why not use the extra space to ship items for fellow university students who will pay for you to bring their stuff to campus — the rental could be paid for, and more!

If you’re the Driver you can decide the price and along with your Shipper, figure out location, whether you’ll load or drop off direct – it’s totally customizable and up to you and your Shipper.

Using Kaargo, Drivers and Shippers can connect with each other to make the most of their driving, traveling and shipping experiences. No more wasting money on truck rentals, just because we have a little too much stuff to fit in the car.

Don’t miss out on the many opportunities a Kaargo-connected drive can offer. Sign up today and search what routes are available for you to drive or to carry your stuff to the dorm.

And Welcome back everybody!