Want a more personalized shipping experience? Then, forget using a standard delivery service! With Kaargo, you know exactly who is shipping your items because you choose your shipper! Get the extra care and personalized service you deserve!     Aug 4, 2015


Everyone is familiar with the experience of needing to ship something important and either having to go to the drug store followed by the post office or a commercial carrier’s office and in the process, buying out yet another boring, wasteful, and expensive box, buying (or bringing) tape, twine, and bubble wrap to pack your things and then handing them off to who knows whom to potentially – emerge late, broken or mishandled and expensively; a waste of your time, money, and peace of mind.

Think about it: Packages often get lost (sometimes for months), arrive late, or are damaged in transit. (Remember the UPS holiday shipping fiasco in 2013?) When customers try to resolve these problems by calling carriers, they are often ushered right in… to a black hole of endless automated menus, ringing phones that are never answered or routed to a “customer service” rep that ironically knows nothing about either customers or service.

What if you could ship things as you wanted them? What if you could ship a birthday gift with a huge bow on top, or a plastic bin filled with clothes, or an unpackaged set of weights, or even golf clubs still in their caddy? What if you didn’t have to wrap, pack, or secure these things but could simply hand them over to be shipped, knowing they’d be safely delivered? What if you knew who was carrying your things using a community-based system?

Using Kaargo, you can find and select Drivers who will ship your items exactly as you want them! No more brown boxes taped shut and handled roughly! No more spending money on wasteful packing materials that are just thrown away once delivered! No more trying to find the perfect packaging for oddly shaped items or squeezing things into a poorly-sized box! Imagine being able to specify to your driver special care and handling requirements!

With Kaargo, shipping all of your things, but especially your important, fragile, or unusually-shaped items means less worry- you have the choice of selecting a Driver who fits your needs so you know exactly who is carrying your things for you. You can see who they are, their ratings, and previous history. You can also communicate directly with your Driver if you are a Shipper (or with your Shipper if you are a Driver).

And that equals piece of mind for you!