Need to Ship something? Do it smarter, more efficiently and more cleanly-use Kaargo!     Jul 23, 2015


Every day, tens of millions of items are shipped or sent to different areas of our great country.

At the same time, millions of Americans are already traveling in their cars, vans, trucks or rentals to the same places that these very items are heading or being shipped! There’s got to be a better way!

Imagine the positive environmental impact that would occur if every driver used the extra space in their car to help ship packages and items that would normally be sent via a shipping company or commercial carrier? And imagine if you ship things you needed to move (say a barbecue grill from grandma’s back home, or your kids’ bikes up to the summer house or that chandelier you bought at the estate sale home). It would lessen the overall number of discrete trips made to ship items, reduce traffic and congestion on our roads, diminish the amount of pollution and carbon emission in atmosphere, decrease the wasteful packaging material used to package such items going by commercial couriers and contribute to a better environment overall.

While shipping companies like UPS and FedEx aim to lower their gasoline consumption and carbon footprint, the fact is that these companies still consume millions of gallons of gas on a daily basis, contribute to the huge pollution and emissions release in the environment and are poster children for unnecessary waste-think of all the cardboard, tape, peanuts or bubble wrap, twine/rope, packing paper and other materials used to pack or secure the shipped items. You’re also not sure of who exactly is carrying your things and whether they will be handled in a respectful and careful manner.

Getting shipping trucks off of the road by using members of the Kaargo community to carry your things means not only a more efficient way to ship but a cleaner environment for all of us! Plus, by using Kaargo, your things will be shipped in a more careful and personalized way on a community platform where you know who is carrying your stuff because you choose them. You can interact with them if you wish. You don’t have to worry about your packages being carelessly mishandled or mindlessly dropped. You’ll also be providing income to a fellow community member and citizen while helping them maximize the capacity of an asset (their cars) that they already have. By participating in a shared usage model, you know that you’ll be doing your part to make the most out of existing assets while creating an awesome community and getting the best, personalized handling and care for your things out there.

Its a true win-win for everyone including our environment.