New Girl in Town, Kaargo Video, Tips     Jul 15, 2015


Introducing Our Latest Team Member, Kaitlin Gallagher!

Kaitlin is our resident blogger, writer and all around journo. Kaitlin is originally from New York, currently beginning her senior year at Fordham University. She is majoring in Communications and Journalism and is a social media intern for Kaargo. She recently returned home from a semester studying in Rome, Italy, where she did not learn how to speak Italian very well, but did learn the best ways to take extra carry-on bags on planes without being charged extra for them. Hit her up for tips. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming at the beach, writing, and watching too many episodes of Shonda Rimes’ shows. Welcome Kaitlin!!!!

Check out the Kaargo video! Can’t get enough? You can watch the video, again and again AND AGAIN on our homepage.


Road Trip Tips!

Once again all of our dreams of an end to winter have come true!

The snow has (finally) melted, and summer is here, which means fun for everyone! But summer also means road trips and a lot more driving than most of us do at other times of the year. And let’s face it, gas prices just seem to keep going up with no relief in sight. Why not make some spending money for your trip by using the empty space in your car and posting your road trips as a driver on Kaargo? Let other users know where your next destination is!

Whether you’re just taking a weekend trip, running errands, or permanently moving to another area of the country, you can profit off of bringing other people’s items to somewhere you were already going! It’ll help you, other people, and the environment by keeping one less shipping truck on the road. With Kaargo, a more personal shipping experience means that everybody wins.