Two Introductions!     Jun 20, 2015


Unveiling our latest feature…ANY.
With this feature, typing ANY into one of the search boxes (both for Trips and Shipments) and a specific city in the other will pull up everything associated with your specific search and that city so that you can see any listings along that specific route. For example, if you are driving from Portland, Maine to Rehoboth Beach, DE and looking for shipments destined for Rehoboth Beach, DE the ANY function will show you all the shipments that need to get to Rehoboth Beach, DE. Perhaps you can pick something up along the way for a Shipper that needs to get something to Rehoboth Beach! Ship better, Trip better!

Introducing our latest team member, Jonathan Famery-Mariani.
Jonathan came to us from the City of Lights, Paris. Jonathan, who is also pursuing a degree at Brown University, is a Community Head for Kaargo. What you may not know about Jonathan, is that he is a former professional soccer player, playing Middle Offensive, “the Creator” role, for Paris Saint-Germain in France. Jonathan brings his competitive spirit, love of healthy cooking (and anything, coconut, mango or chocolate flavored) and indomitable spirit to Kaargo.

We are so happy to have him aboard! Welcome, Jonathan.