Kaargo Launches University Vertical at Arizona State University     Dec 20, 2015


We’re delighted to announce the launch of our university vertical with Arizona State University (ASU), the largest and most innovative university in the country as ranked by US News and World Report.

Kaargo is honored to work with the ASU community, campus and students to drive usage and awareness of the Kaargo consumer to consumer shipping platform. Kaargo promotes a more conscious, sensible, collaborative and productive way to drive and ship that lessens the impact of every day driving, shipping and traveling on the environment and reduces overall waste at the same time.

Kaargo’s University model will both engage students and the larger ASU community via a unique customized operational model tailored to create maximum engagement across the ASU campus and beyond.

"Kaargo revolutionizes the way students and people think about shipping, sustainability, and even making money. By creating an easier, cheaper mechanism to ship, drive and learn, Kaargo opens doors to students that were previously locked. With Kaargo, students can help be part of a movement to make college more convenient, sustain the planet that sustains them, and help others in a mutually beneficial way. Kaargo is awesome."
—Joseph Bingham, ASU student (BS, Supply Chain Management 2019)

"Kaargo is revolutionizing the way we ship. Using shared space provides both an economic and environmental benefit for the community. Its the best choice for almost anything you want to ship. Kaargo will grow because it creates a community of shippers and drivers that are willing to help each other out by doing something that they would have done anyway in a mutually beneficial way. I hope to learn how an innovative startup functions, help Kaargo achieve its mission and grow my entrepreneurial skills too."
—Christian Chee, ASU student (BS, Accounting, Barrett Honors College 2019)

ASU PRESS RELEASE: Innovative community shipping program pilots at ASU
ASU partners with community shipping platform to help students earn while reducing waste and pollution. Kaargo, an innovative community shipping and driving system, has launched a pilot program with ASU that will make taking a road trip profitable. Through the partnership with ASU, students will have an opportunity to transport items and earn money by renting out space in their vehicle while traveling.

The partnership allows ASU’s highly mobile student population to provide alternative shipping options and provide creative, convenient and "on-demand" sources of income.

"ASU was recently ranked as the No. 1 most innovative school in the country by U.S. News & World Report," said Vid Micevic, student director of Changemaker Central @ ASU. "This is a great opportunity to focus on community impact, innovation and entrepreneurship."

The Kaargo online platform matches drivers taking a trip with shippers looking to ship an item to the same destination at the same time. Both drivers and shippers can post their upcoming trips and shipping needs and browse available trips or posted shipments online at Kaargo.

"We're so proud to share the Kaargo platform with the ASU community," said Sarayu Srinivasan, CEO and Founder of Kaargo, who also served as the keynote speaker of Changemaker Central at ASU's Startup Summit in the Fall of 2015. "The student body has made social entrepreneurship, inclusion and excellence a way of life at ASU; innovation is more than a buzzword there. We couldn't have partnered with a school better aligned with our own values and mission. This is a great start to our university market." For more information about Kaargo, visit Kaargo.