Get the latest Kaargo news here on our blog.     Apr 23, 2015


Hello World!

Welcome to Kaargo!


We hope Kaargo will be a useful and valuable platform for any drive (long or short) you take, for anywhere you want to ship in the US, and for anything you want to ship. And, perhaps, in the process of shipping and tripping, you’ll make a friend or two. In other words, Kaargo is a community. And we believe in the power of community.

When you ship using Kaargo, you are getting personalized care and handling of your important items by another member of the Kaargo community; a member that you choose to engage with. You can rest assured that your things are in good hands regardless of size, shape or weight. As a driver, by sharing the excess capacity in your vehicle, you can earn cash for doing something you are doing anyway-driving!-while giving someone else a hand by carrying something for them. In the process, everyone has helped the environment by reducing traffic and pollution (taking a chartered trip, commercial carrier or USPS off the road) while maximizing capacity utilization, sharing and conserving resources which is good for everyone. Its a win-win.

In the coming months we’ll be sharing our latest initiatives, features and partnerships and looking for feedback from you on your experience. Let us know your thoughts: Trip better, Ship better!