About Us

We’ve lived in big cities and we’ve lived in small towns. We’ve gone to schools, colleges and universities all over the country. We’ve worked on the East coast, the West coast and in between. We are entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, brand managers, technologists and designers.

What do we have in common? We’ve all shipped things. And we’ve all been frustrated by the experience. We’ve had items damaged in transit and dealt with poor customer service. We’ve had to ship personal items that were large, heavy or oddly-shaped or that were fragile or needed personal handling and care...and been stuck without options. We’ve had issues scheduling pick ups and drop offs.

We’ve shipped crates of books, appliances, musical equipment, clothing, sporting equipment and furniture. Some of us forgot things at locations we were visiting, others needed something from our parents’ homes, and some of us just needed shipping with a little TLC.

We have all taken long-haul road trips. We’ve all sat in frustrating traffic. We’ve all needed to make extra cash. All of us care about the environment and the impact our lifestyles make on it. And we all believe in making the most out of what we have.

We think there is a better way to get things around; an alternative to impersonal, large carriers and bad service. We believe our solution lets people ship things efficiently and is also better for the environment by reducing discrete deliveries and lessening traffic and pollution. We think we can help people earn income doing something they already do, take advantage of existing resources, and create communities and even friendships in the process.

We believe you can trip better and ship better.

We are Kaargo.

Want to talk to us? Send us an email: feedback@kaargo.com


Sarayu Srinivasan
CEO, Founder
Prior to founding Kaargo, Sarayu was a venture capitalist most recently with Intel Capital investing in technology companies globally. Prior to her investment career, Sarayu held C-level roles at several early, successful software companies, ran two $300MM businesses as a brand manager at Pepsi-Cola and began her career as a research analyst. Sarayu holds several teaching appointments including Visiting Scholar at the University of Edinburgh. She is a frequent public speaker and author. Sarayu earned a BA in Architecture, Barnard College/Columbia University; a Certificate in Medieval European Studies, Cambridge University; an MBA from Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees; and held a research fellowship at the Harvard Business School pre-PhD.

As a child, Sarayu taught herself to ride a bike, swim, hang a tire swing, build a club house, make Barbie outfits out of Kleenex, darn clothes and after some experimentation instruct her (incredulous) dentist that a retainer would close her front teeth gap overnight (it did). True story.

Favorite Car : Jeeps, Volvos, Jaguars
Favorite drives : Southwest, New England and in NYC, down 5th avenue or the West Side Highway
Favorite long drive song : Green Grass & High Tides- The Outlaws
S Ram
CTO, Technical
Ram is a senior technology and business executive with over 20 years of experience at companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems and Cadence. Ram spent over 10 years at Microsoft including heading Microsoft TV, Media, Video as well as Global Services for APAC. Ram has held leadership roles across software development, services delivery and product management and has launched several award-winning products. Ram received his BS (Mathematics) and MS (Computer Applications) from the University of Madras, India and completed management coursework at UC Berkeley.

In his heart of hearts, Ram knows who his true bosses are. His very bright and entrepreneurial twins. (Don't worry, we made the girls sign NDAs and non-competes.)

Favorite car : Chevrolet Corvette
Favorite drives : CA State Route 1
Favorite long drive song : Remember Sakthi Album
Jonathan Famery-Mariani
Head of Community
Jon's diverse background includes operational and managerial roles in Logistics, Sales, and Business Development for a various consumer facing companies including IT MYLK (a frozen yogurt chain), KUSMI Tea and SONY where he won the sales award for performing in the top 2% of all sales personnel in France. Prior to his business career, Jon played professional soccer in France for Paris Saint-Germain where he held the role of "Creator." Jon received his Economic and Science Baccalaureate from CFA Saint Germain-en-Laye in France and will graduate from Brown University, where he studies Business and Social-Entrepreneurship, in 2018.

While Jon was born in France, his heart is firmly in the tropics-he can be tempted to do *almost* anything for chocolate, coconut or mango. We've tried.

Favorite car : Ford F150
Favorite drives : New York City --> Boston
Favorite long drive song : Manu Chao "Me gustas tu" or Jean-Jacques Goldman "La bas"

Our Investors

Kaargo is currently backed by a group of private investors including Craig R. Barrett, former CEO and Chairman of the Intel Corporation, and
Andrew H. Tisch, the Chairman of the Loews Corporation.